Deepness of the Fry (2019) - Short Film

Director, Editor, Script Writer, Animation Lead, Animator

Deepness of the Fry is an absurd existential crisis disguised as a collage film. Living in a world where everything’s already been said, felt, and done before, can anyone truly be unique? And is thinking about this too much really a good idea?

A graduation film by August “Poul“ Niclasen and his team in their final year at The Animation Workhop in Viborg, Denmark.


The Golden Egg 2019 - Best Editing Award

The Golden Egg 2019 - Best Film Idea Award

Prime The Animation 2019 - Miguel Guillem Award for Best Experimental Short Film

The International Animation Film Festival KROK 2019 - Jury Diploma for the Most Special and Unique Film

The Animattikon Project International Animation Festival 2019 - Special Mention in the category of International Student Animated Short

Overpopulation (2019) - Short Film

Responsible for all aspects

There is no overpopulation on the internet!

This clip was made at the 2019 Viborg Animation Festival, as part of a director's workshop where several animation directors were challenged to write and make 20 seconds of animation in just 2 days. Each director got a subject related to the theme, Human Impact. I got the subject of overpopulation.

Float (2017) - Commercial

Director, Editor, 3D Animator

A curious kid lets herself get carried away by a magical floating stream of plastic only to be confronted with the terrible reality, of where the plastic goes.

FLOAT is a spot for the Danish NGO Plastic Change International, produced in 17 weeks by a team of second year animation students at The Animation Workhop in Viborg, Denmark.

Clarity (2017) - Short Film

Responsible for all aspects

An animated short film which quite frankly pushes the boundaries of just how little animation you can have in an animated short film.

This film was made for the 48 Hour Animation Challenge hosted and completed by students at Gobelins and The Animation Workshop (2017) The theme of the challenge was: WAVE

Home (2016) - Short Film

Storyboard Artist, 2D Animator

An animated bedtime story about a kid who goes on an adventure to explore the wonderful world she lives in.

Created in 5 weeks by a team of 1st year Character Animators and CG Artists at The Animation Workhop in Viborg, Denmark.

Two Love (2015) - Short Film

Director, Storyboard Artist, 2D Animator

When Bill gets approached by The Goddess they have an intense and sexual relationship before she gets bored with Bill and violently discards him.

Film Jam project made during the very first week of the very first semester at The Animation Workhop in Viborg, Denmark.

Råddenskab (2015) - Music Video

Director, Storyboard Artist, Editor, 2D Animator

One day a woman discovers that she’s rotting. While desperately trying to fix, ignore and hid her problem she soon learns that the whole world is rotting.

The rap is written and performed by VIGSØ and produced by DJ Noize